BURIED ALIVE !   -- a matchbox theatre--

Buried Alive! a matchbox theatre, is a frightfully funny exploration of our fear of being buried alive and of the curious phenomenon of 19th Century “waiting mortuaries.” Based on historical and medical facts. Intimate and interactive, full of dreadful discoveries for a limited adult audience. ...more below...

BURIED ALIVE! is performed on a tabletop and is constructed entirely in and of matchboxes. It takes advantage of the unique qualities of these tiny stages. Images and characters slide out, slide through, pop up, and drop out of the matchboxes. A merry eccentric matron is your guide.

The Nineteenth Century is evoked, but BURIED ALIVE! is creatively anachronistic and plays with scale.

Buried Alive! was inspired by an article entitled, “Pediatric Brain Death,” found in a hospital resident on-call room, and by research into the myths, truths, history and ethics surrounding the true moment of biological death. 

Intriguing, hysterical, minute and very macabre.

“depicted with comic deadpan perversity…a wink and raised eyebrow of an entertainment” --womanaroundtown.com

“...the way each box reveals its tiny inhabitants is entrancing...” --The Village Voice